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GNT Studio Classes

Many young girls love to dance. Dance classes are popular and in demand, but, as girls mature there is a high drop out rate.


  • Nature of the Activity: In most dance studios, dancers are trained in a highly competitive environment, which is not appropriate for everyone.


  • Social Environment: Attitudes which perceive dance as shallow, less important than school, or even forbidden.



The Program:

Over 30 dance and other GNT oriented classes a week, for girls aged 6-18 and women in a unique, empowering environment, in a variety of styles and levels: Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Flamenco, Contemporary and Choreography classes. The program includes performances, street festivals community activities and the 'Yesh Li Guf' - 'I Have a Body' projects, such as 'Sheba Dance' and 'Chance to Dance'.



Our Studio classes are taught in an empowering way. The teaching, the atmosphere, the division into groups and the choreographies - are all done with the understanding that few girls will grow up to be professional dancers, therefore, along with identifying and developing natural talents, every girl needs to have the opportunity to just dance, feeling good about herself, without competition.

Succot street festival at Derech Beit Lechem, Jerusalem


  • Positive Connection to the Body - Internalizing the value of taking care of one’s body and good health as a part of one’s daily habits.

  • Learning Life Skills - Increasing self-confidence, experiences of success, persistence, the ability to handle frustration and stress, teamwork, socialization.

  • Making Dance Accessible - to the wider public with workshops and street performances.

  • Training Professional Dancers - who have the talent, ability, and desire.



What Are We Offering?

Partnership in offering dance classes in a unique environment

Ambassadors to spread the studio’s activities throughout the country


More details about Studio 6:

Just Tap |  stage show

NDP - Silver medal at the 2018 I Believe competition

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