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Many Haredi (ultra Orthodox) women are unable to take a break for themselves. The pressures of daily life, running a household with many children on a very limited budget coupled with cultural codes, bring with them a need for unique emotional coping skills in this sector.


The Program:

The 'Mom+' program is based on Body, Soul and Mind workshops for postnatal Haredi women, which enable the women to take time-out, focus on themselves, on body changes and on the daily challenges within the Halachic (ultra Orthodox) framework.  


The workshops include 6 sessions, each divided into two sections: The first section, with a therapist, relates to aspects of soul and mind providing tools to help cope with daily challenges, while in the second section participants experience different body disciplines to empower the tools acquired in the first section.

The workshops take place during morning hours, with babysitting services, for women on maternity leave referred by Tipat Halav* - Family Health Centers of The Ministry of Health. 

*Tipat Halav are neighborhood centers that provide health and medical services for pregnant women, infants and children from birth to age 6 years.

Report of activities:

Four workshops were attended successfully by 20 women each who then shared their experiences opening independent support groups within their communities.

יש לי גוף. עמותת גנ"ת - גוף נפש תודעה. נשים חרדיות בריאות אמהות לידה מתנס רוממה תמיכה

"למדתי בסדנה איך להיות אמא טעונה בדברים טובים, לדעת למלא את עצמי בדברים שנחוצים לי ולהנות בתקופה לא קלה." משתתפת בסדנא 2015

"היום אני יודעת שכדי להיות אמא טובה אני צריכה לטפל גם בעצמי, ושהשקעה בגוף ובנפש שלי היא לא הזנחה של הילד, להפך. הסדנה מאפשרת לי ליישם את זה בצורה הטובה ביותר." 

משתתפת בסדנה 2015

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