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Body, Soul, Mind - GNT for High Schools

We live in a world of conflicting messages. Children grow up bombarded by an abundance of uncensored information related to body image and personal identity, which can cause confusion, social pressure, lack of self-confidence (sexuality which is either extroverted or introverted), and increasing phenomena of violence, sexual assault, and self-destructive behaviors including drinking, drug use and eating disorders.


The Program:

A multi-year program for students in middle and high school. The program engenders resilience, confidence and being comfortable with one’s body, and the capacity for coping with challenges.



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  • Providing tools and knowledge for self-definition, resilience and critical thinking

  • Strengthening self-confidence being comfortable in one’s body and environment on a personal level, as well as on the level of family and peer group.

  • Varied physical experiences which develop personal expression and empowerment without the need for words.




The GNT Program is a unique program accompanying the process of the physical, emotional and psychological maturation of teenagers. The program creates a general framework of skills which are applicable across all topics, and encourages the development of a relationship between body, soul and mind- working on self-acceptance, physical and spiritual exercises, and empowerment. The program takes place during mandatory lessons throughout the six years of middle and high school, led by a professional staff and includes classes in Yoga, Tap Dance, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Pilates and other styles, along with classes relating to body image, gender, self-defense, communication and more.



It is common knowledge that positive experiences of success can neutralize the search for negative sources of fulfillment. The GNT program is taught using positive experiences and language, without intimidation. 



Report of Activities:

2007-Present: The full GNT Program is part of the curriculum at the Hartman Girls’ High School in Jerusalem.

2015: The program has received official recognition of the Ministry of Education as an experimental unit equivalent to 2 Bagrut units.

2015-2016-2017:  Preparation of the program along with explanatory materials and professional training.

We wish to introduce the program in additional schools.  For more information - contact us.


* Parents can sign up for workshops and guidance - contact us

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