The G.N.T* NGO creates, runs and disseminates educational, rehabilitative, and cultural programs based on bodywork, dance and movement.

The unique programs enrich and empower participants, providing them with life skills that impact their physical and emotional well-being in fascinating nonverbal ways.

* G.N.T is an acronym in Hebrew for 'Body, Soul, Mind/Consciousness' - Guf, Nefesh, Toda'a – pronounced 'GANAT'

"Discover the power of the body ... enhance self-esteem, increase awareness, develop thinking skills, achieve goals, encourage creativity, reduce disparities ... through the body”.

The first stage of human development is the physical one. 

The body is the primary source of all experience- whether it is success, failure, frustration, relationship to the outside world, or self-discovery. The physical experience fuses with cognitive and emotional development in a process of integration. 

Today, more than ever before, developing a relationship with the body, understanding how it works and how to harness its capabilities is paramount in meeting the challenges facing our society.

G.N.T. programs invite the body’s intelligence into life as a tool to cope with stress and fear, improve social skills, promote concentration, increase motivation and develop self-confidence.