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Dancing Hands

A personal journey of artist and choreographer Mayan Zohar, who holds a Masters degree in choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, brought her to research the world of the deaf: language in the public sphere, separating movement from spoken language and the physical laws that accompany it, the inner voice, facial gestures and dynamics. The research, backed with methodical work, was transformed into a unique language of movement.



The program:

Developing a new movement language 'Dancing Hands', communication based on movement and sound, where each dancer must make their own individual statement through their bodies, hands, and inner voice.  



About Dancing Hands - The company 

Report of Activities:

2014 - Founding of the dance company ‘Dancing Hands’ with a core of six volunteer professional dancers,

Opening of classes to the public.


2014-15 - Performances of the ‘Dancing Hands’ group:

  • Gerard Behar, Jerusalem - 2015 Spring Festival  of the Department of Culture of the Jerusalem Municipality

  • Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv - Performance of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

  • Machsan 2, Yafo-Tel Aviv - Selected projects of the masters degree in choreography at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

  • Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem - Evening of original composers of dance creations

  • Two fundraising events for the Support Center for Victims of Sexual Abuse, Jerusalem

  • Performances in street festivals throughout Jerusalem- ‘Sha’on Choref’, ‘Sukkot Festival on Derech Beit Lechem’, and at First Station


In addition, the group works with:

  • The dance group for the deaf and hard of hearing, Lod

  • The ‘Merchavim’ organization along with ‘Dancing Hands’ together with the Ministry of Education in schools and dance majors - meetings between groups to advance contact between different groups (Arabs, Jews, Religious, Secular, Deaf and Hearing)



What do we offer?

Performances and Activities 'Dancing Hands' - Contact us

Open classes 2014-15 summary

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