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Chance to Dance

Life in disadvantaged areas distances children and teenagers from extracurricular activities such as dance, when it is precisely these children that most need the opportunity for rehabilitation, empowerment and growth that physical activity provides.


The Program:

Without the need for words, education, language, or knowledge, project participants receive tools for life. The ‘Chance to Dance’ project allows participants to achieve their goals and to improve their self-confidence through persistence and becoming part of a social group. Participants receive an opportunity for personal expression and an experience of success which also teaches them an ethic of group work, self-discipline, the value of respect for one’s own body, and respect for others.

Noa's Project,  26 June 2015




  • Empowerment - participants improve their physical abilities, social skills, self-discipline and self-esteem, learn to work as a team directing energy towards a positive experience.  This positive identity leads the dancers to become involved in additional activities that further integrate them into the surrounding community. 


Report of Activities:


Subsidies for the project began as a local initiative in the summer of 2009 in Studio 6 in Jerusalem. Every year, girls who join the project get the chance to dance and develop. Participants take part in professional dance classes of their choice, and are given additional assistance as needed.



How can you help?

We would love to expand the project, in partnership with dance studios around the country. To do this we need your help:  Sponsor a dancer and become part of an amazing project - Click Here



Program Staff:

Dance teachers:  Maayan Zohar, Ilan Kav, Marvin Casey, Gabi Shenkar, Lena Gumanovsky, Maya Hemed, Shira Miles



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