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The GNT* non-profit organization creates, runs and disseminates educational, rehabilitative and cultural programs based on bodywork. These unique programs enrich and empower participants, providing them with life skills that influence their physical and social well-being in fascinating non verbal ways.

GNT mission is to empower participants by raising awareness of the connection between the body, soul and mind, on vitality, ability to focus, learn, being creative, and the feeling of self confidence and self worth. Our professional staff identifies and analyzes Israeli social challenges in areas in which we can create impact through the development of new body, mind, and consciousness work programs and frameworks that empower participants with practical tools.


*G.N.T stands for Guf, Nefesh, To'daa (Body, Soul, Mind in Hebrew) 

The activities take place on three levels:


A. Studio Classes - A variety of dance styles (ballet, modern , hip-hop, tap, contemporary, jazz, etc.), body classes  (yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc.), and awareness workshops, are taught at different levels, in the unique enabling, empowering, and community-oriented professional Studio 6.

      >> GNT Studio Dance Classes



B. 'Yesh Li Guf' - 'I Have a Body'- A range of body awareness, dance, and movement programs for rehabilitation and empowerment. All of these programs include a counseling component:

יש לי גוף. עמותת גנ"ת - גוף נפש תודעה.

      >> Street Dance Movement -  For youth and teens at risk

      >> Sheba Dance - For girls and teens of Ethiopian descent from disadvantaged areas

      >> Chance to Dance - For teens from disadvantaged areas

      >> Mom +- For women from the Haredi sector

      >> Special Move - For adults with special needs

      >> Dancing Hands - Developing movement using Israeli Sign Language

GNT wellbeing workshops trials and pilots – will be developed if funding is received:

      >> Memory - A Holistic Approach to Memory - Integrating body and mind using guided imagery

      >> Neshima - For women coping with eating disorders 

      >> Touching the Spirit- For post-trauma 



C. GNT Education - Programs which combine various disciplines involving body, mind and soul, on topics of gender, empowerment and health. These activities include experiential learning and enrichment programs for schools, after school lessons, workshops, and lectures:


>> GNT high school program: Body, Soul, Mind:

A full program for high schools recognized in 2015 as 2 experimental Bagrut units.

>> GNT elementary school program:  Strategies in Movement:

Training educators, teachers and counselors in body, mind and soul exercises for their independent use in the classroom, clinic, groups, etc.



Studio 6, the GNT studio founded in Jerusalem in 2006, implements the GNT ‘Yesh Li Guf’ - 'I Have a Body'  philosophy as a tool for personal development, empowerment, and rehabilitation.


The GNT NGO was established in June 2013 - by a group of friends who believe in the life-changing power of bodywork to disseminate these programs and impact on an ever increasing number of people.   


יש לי גוף. עמותת גנ"ת - גוף נפש תודעה.

Who’s Who in GNT:

Yael Turner-Grossman - Founder and CEO

Maya Hemed, Project Manager 

Avital Amar, Finance 

Efrat Rubin



Marvin Casey, Taylor Mcewing, Shira Miles, Mayan Zohar, Maya Hemed, Pesach Balitsky, Lena Gomanovski, Noa Turner, Shari Shemesh, Yael Biran, Naomi Hirschler, Ofra Maor, Tamar Birenbach, Lital Cohen, Ayelet Avigdor, Anat Tzuberi, Neta Levi, Tali Zorenfeld



Five of our dance teachers - left to right:

Marvin Casey - Hip Hop, Liel Shemesh - Tap, Maya Hemed - Jazz, Maayan Zohar - Dancing Hands, Shira Miles - Hip Hop

Board Members:

Ms. Sara Weiss, Esq.- Chairman of the Board, GNT

Ms. Idit Rubin

Ms. Laura Gilinski

Ms. Jane Turner

Ms. Dorit Leshnick

Ms. Chana Goldberg

Mr. Eran Ruzievich

About Us

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